Trackside Camping

Trackside Camping at Maple Grove Raceway

This camping information is for the NHRA Nationals ONLY 


There are three (3) types of camping at Maple Grove Raceway for Nationals. There is Trackside Terrace, RV Court and Parkside. Each site is marked with the assigned site number and lines painted to aid the fans. All units must be located inside the lines. Slide outs must be within’ the allotted space.


PLEASE NOTE* All RV’s utilizing a generator must have an exhaust stack that clears the top of the RV in order to keep exhaust from exiting into another RV area. This new rule took effect in 2017.


Trackside Terrace & RV Court are both located within’ the facility. Parkside is located across the street from the track, outside the Maple Grove Raceway offices. 


The earliest you may arrive for camping is Thursday @ 8 AM and you must have cleared the facility by the Monday following the event @ 11 AM.


*Most fans renew their space from the previous year! Due to high renewal levels, we may have a limited number of spaces. With that being said, if you are interested in camping at our National event please call us at 610.856.9200 to request a space! Also please know that it is RARE for an electric or terrace space to become available because most fans renew these! Below you can find more information on pricing, campsite sizes, etc.


We encourage fans to camp here first and foremost. However, if you wish to stay elsewhere please refer to our “Where to Stay” tab under “Fan Info” to check out our partners!

Check out the map for Terrace & RV Court!

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Check out some more information below!

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