Top Fuel Pennsylvania Native Announces “RaceFan” Friendly Program for 2019 Season

Harrisburg, PA – (Jan. 15, 2019)- Audrey is pleased to announce she’s gonna be in the driver seat of the Leverich family Top Fuel dragster again.. How many races they will attend is still open, but what is known is Audrey’s dragster will have the “Text RACEFAN to 555888” logo on the side.

“We want to take fan interaction to a new level” says Worm. Fans will be able to text in and join the Audrey Worm Racing RACEFAN group and will see behind the scenes on what it takes for a small independent team to compete in NHRA Top Fuel. “We want fans to see how we do it. From working on the car during the week, to traveling to the race, till we put the car in the trailer”.

“Two years ago I was just like every other RACEFAN. I stood outside the rope at trailers of racers like Jack Bechman and Brittany Force, waiting to see them or get an autograph… all the time wondering where they were and what they were doing” , Audrey said. “There’s a lot going on during the day and we want to give the RACEFAN a glimpse of what it is that drivers, crew chiefs, and crew have to deal with. We think it will be really cool”.

Not only will RACEFANs get to peak behind the curtain, but the team talked to sponsors about special RACEFAN deals only available through the SMS text system. Audrey will also be doing giveaways that include 2 weekend passes for every race they are competing at. ” RACEFANs will be able to enter to win t-shirts, hats, and even tickets to be my guest in our pits for a once in a lifetime experience”, said Audrey. “We can’t wait to share how blessed we really are to be here with all our RACEFANs”.