Safety is always our main priority here at Maple Grove Raceway. With that being said, after serious discussions the Management Team has decided it would best to CANCEL ALL racing for this Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 19, 20 and 21st, 2019. The temperature highs this coming weekend range from 92 degrees to 96 degrees with the heat index reaching in excess of 105. As much as we love racing, we feel as if these harsh weather conditions pose a serious safety concern for our racers, spectators and staff.
(Edited 12:30PM) For those of you who do actually understand the purpose of cancelling this weekend’s racing, we thank you. The track team does NOT need to be here every weekend. A large majority of them have full time jobs that keep them busy Monday through Friday. But they come in faithfully and stand out in the elements for hours upon hours because they love the sport and want to provide a safe place for the racers to run. At the end of the day, life is short and no race, event, money, prizes, etc. are more important than someone’s life. Many of the track team put their health on the back burner for this sport, and even the best succumb to heat exhaustion. We all love the fact that the sport of drag racing is special because we are all a family. And no one ever wants to see their family put their health in danger. 
Since it was brought to our attention that the courtesy points were not appreciated, there will be NO bonus points given on August 10th.
Thank you again to those who truly understand our purpose for cancelling this weekend.
We understand that this weekend would have been a double header race with the chance to earn ten (10) bonus points for attending both days. While we are unable to reschedule the two points races, we would like to offer a little something to our racers for Mother Nature’s uncooperative behavior.
First, any racer in Super, Pro, Sportsman and Top Bike who attends the next Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series Race which is Saturday, August 10th and is able to at least stage their car in first round will receive a total of ten (10) bonus points. These are the equivalent to the ten (10) bonus points that would be earned for attending both days of a double header weekend.
Secondly, any racer in Super, Pro, Sportsman, Top Bike and Pro Dial who attends the next Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series Race on August 10th and are able to at least stage the car in first round will recieve 20 bonus points, courtesy of the Management Team for the racers cooperation.
We realize that in no way does the potential to earn 30 extra bonus points make up for cancelling a double header weekend, however, we do hope everyone understands.
On a final note, any racer who is currently parked in the pits must either remove their car & trailer or move it down by the garage. We will need the pits for our next large event being the Keystone Truckin’ Nationals.
Thank you to all the racers, fans and staff for your continued support of Maple Grove Raceway. We truly appreciate it and we want to wish everyone a safe weekend. Also, good luck to our Juniors who are racing this weekend in Bristol, Tennessee.