Why Should I be a Money Trail Member?

There are many reasons to join the Maple Grove Raceway Money Trail ET Series. The following outlines the many benefits you membership bring you during the course of the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series.

Maple Grove Raceway offers one of the highest paying points fund in all of drag racing. At the end of the year the top 10 in Super, top 10 in Pro, the top 8 in Street, the top 5 in Top Bike and top 10 in Junior dragster are invited to attend the annual Awards Banquet held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wyomissing Pennsylvania to receive their cash payments and awards. The retail banquet ticket is $60.00 each, the top 43 drivers will be eligible to purchase one ticket at a 50% discount of $30.00. The Value to the top 43 racers is $1,290.00.

The total cash awards offered to the top finishers in Super, Pro, Street, Top Bike and Junior Dragster receive a total cash payout of $23,375.00 plus over $5,000.00 in awards and jackets. The eliminator breakdown is Super $9,650.00, Pro $6,750.00, Street $2,500.00, Top Bike $1,650.00 and Junior Dragster $2,825.00.

The Money Trail ET Shootout offers the 16 participating Money Trail members a grand prize of a $7,000.00 golf cart. The runner up receives a 32” television valued at $350.00. Each of the 16 participating members receives 2 event credentials to the NHRA Keystone Nationals. The 32 credentials are valued at $85.00 each, for a total of $2,720.00. The total value to the Money Trail members participating in the Shootout is $10,070.00. The program was initiated in 2007 and has awarded a total of over $80,000.00 in golf carts and awards to the Shootout participants.

Contingency award payments are based on the winner or runner ups being Money Trail members. In 2014 Good Year posted $150.00 per event which totaled $2,250.00 for the season and DRE Oil Restraint systems offered $50.00 per event for a total of $750.00 for the season.

Maple Grove Raceway pays the entry fees to the annual NED Summit ET Finals. To be eligible the qualified drivers must be a Money Trail member. In 2014 Maple Grove paid $100 for the 32 qualified members for a grand total paid in entry fees being $3,200.00. To receive an entry paid by Maple Grove Raceway in 2013 racers must attend a minimum number of races to be eligible.

Maple Grove Raceway pays for the team jackets to the qualified drivers attending the Summit ET Finals. The total value to the racers is $2,000.00.

Maple Grove Raceway pays the $80.00 entry fee for the top 10 points leaders in Junior Dragster to participate in the NHRA Eastern Conference Championships held in Bristol Tennessee. Total value is $800.00.

Maple Grove Raceway supplies the top 30 Junior drivers at the Bristol event with complimentary t-shirts. Total value is $450.00. The total value of the package outlined is $49,185.00. All you need to be eligible is to be a member of the Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail ET Series, $50.00 for all eliminators, except Junior Dragster which carries a $30.00 fee.