2016 NHRA Summit Racing Series ET Finals

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Northeast Division Schedule, Rules and Regulations

  1. At the ET Finals event there will be four eliminators with breaks as follows:

SP – Super ET with electronics (per 2016 NHRA Rulebook)   7.00-11.99.

PRO – Pro Eliminator -NO electronics.   9.00-17.99

MC – Motorcycles/Snowmobiles -NO delay devices 7.50-15.99

ST – Street – NO Electronics    11.50-19.99


  1. There will be 16 tracks participating in the NHRA SUMMIT ET Series Finals in 2016, Representing 13 Teams. The Track & Team Designations are as follows:


Atco Dragway                                      (AD)                       Mason-Dixon Dragway                      (MD)

Numidia Dragway                               (ND)                       Island Dragway                                   (ID)

Cecil County Dragway                       (CC)                       Old Bridge Twp. Raceway Park        (RP)

E.S.T.A. Safety Park                           (ED)                        South Mountain Raceway                (SM)

Spencer Speedway                              (SS)                         New England Dragway                       (NE)

Lebanon Valley Dragway                  (LV)

Maple Grove Raceway                      (MG)

Team Canada (NP, TM, VM, MI)   (TC)


  1. Lebanon Valley Dragway will host the event on September 15 through September 17, 2016.

Sunday – September 18, 2016 would be the raindate.

The schedule will be as follows:


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gates Open  1 p.m. till 10 p.m.  PARKING ONLY!!!

No Pit Parking for new entry after 10 pm.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gates Open   7 a.m.

No Pit Parking for new entry after 9 pm.

Time Trials   9 a.m.  **TWO SESSIONS ONLY!

Time Trials will begin with Street, Pro, Super and Bike/Sled.

If conditions permit – there will be a gamblers race for the second time run session

Gambler entry – must be vehicle & driver on roster in class listed on roster.

Bogey Race – During Time Trial Session


Friday, September 16, 2016

Gates Open   7 a.m.

No Pit Parking for new entry after 8 pm.

Time Trials   9:00 a.m.  **TWO SESSIONS ONLY!

Race of Champions Time Trial – 11:00am and 2:00 pm

Race of Champions 1st Round   4 p.m.

High School Eliminator Time Trial  8:00 p.m. (Subject to cancellation)

Time Trials will begin with Street, Pro, Super and Bike/Sled.

If conditions permit – there will be a gamblers race for the second time run session

Gambler entry – must be vehicle & driver on roster in class listed on roster.

Race of Champions not eligible for Gambler Race


Saturday, September 17, 2016

High School Eliminator Time Trial    9:00 a.m.

First Round starting with Street, Pro, Super and Bike/Sled.

Consolation Race – First Round Losers ONLY. (Entry Fee to be announced at event).

NO RACING after 11 p.m. due to curfew!


** All Time Trials are run in sessions with ONLY two per eliminator each day, Thursday and Friday.  If you miss a session, you CANNOT make up the run later.


  1. Entry fees will be $100 for car and driver, $35 for event crew member, $20 for Saturday only crew member and children under 12 free. Roster Deadline, Monday September 5, 2016.


  1. Each team will consist of the minimum of 7 Super ET cars, 7 Pro ET cars, 1 Motorcycles/Snowmobiles, and 1 Street cars, and 16 floaters for a total of 32 vehicles on a team, with the following purse:


Super ET Pro ET Bike/Sled Street
Winner —      $5000 Winner —      $3000 Winner —      $1500 Winner —      $1500
Runner-up – $2500 Runner-up – $1500 Runner-up – $ 600 Runner-up – $ 600
Semi’s —        $1000 Semi’s —        $ 600 Semi’s —        $ 300 Semi’s —        $ 300
7th Round —   $ 480 7th Round —   $ 250 5th Round —   $  70 5th Round —   $  70
6th Round —   $ 240 6th Round —   $ 150 4th Round —   $  50 4th Round —   $  50
5th Round —   $ 120 5th Round —   $  80 3rd Round —   $  30 3rd Round —   $  30
4th Round —   $  90 4th Round —   $  60
3rd Round —   $  60 3rd Round —   $  30


  1. At the NED Banquet each eliminator winner will receive the NHRA Wally Trophy in addition to the purse. At the Northeast Division Banquet each winner will receive an NHRA/Summit Series ET Gold Card, and an NHRA Northeast Division Champion Jacket.


  1. The winners in Super ET, Pro ET, Motorcycle/Snowmobile and Street will also receive the specially designed ET Champion Ring.


  1. The winning team will receive $3200 ($100 per Team Member). Points from the Race of Champions will be added to the team total points.


  1. The High School Eliminator, will be run as a no-electronics eliminator. Your representative must currently be in high school or have graduated in the current year.  A Minor Waiver and Release form must be signed for all minors and handed in with roster.  The car may not be quicker than 12 seconds and must run DOT street tires on all four wheels – NO SLICKS!!

The car must be street appearing, full fenders, grill, hood, working headlights, DOT tires and functioning mufflers.  A ladder will be generated from the first Time Run on Saturday qualified from reaction time.


Note:  Once a student is a winner of the High School Eliminator, at the Summit ET finals, they are not eligible to participate again in this eliminator, at the Summit ET finals.  The car used by the High School student may not be used in any other eliminator. Lebanon Valley Dragway will supply runner-up plaque.  Winner will also be presented with an NHRA/Summit Series ET Gold Card, Champion Jacket, and trophy at the Northeast Division Banquet


  1. The Race of Champions will be run on Friday. It will feature the Track Champions in Super, Pro, Bike/Sled and Street with the following purse:


Super ET Pro ET Bike/Sled Street
Winner —      $1000 Winner —      $500 Winner —      $500 Winner —      $500
Runner-up – $ 500 Runner-up – $250 Runner-up – $250 Runner-up – $250


A ladder will be generated from the first Time Run on Friday. Qualifying will be based on first run best reaction time.  Round win points will count towards Team Championship.



  1. Each racer listed on team roster (including motorcycle/snowmobile) must have a current NHRA ET, AdvET, ETMX, or SM Competition Number and a NHRA Membership. Any racers running 9.99 or quicker or 135 mph or faster must have a current NHRA Competition License and a current NHRA Membership and ET Number.  9.99 or quicker or 135 mph or faster must have chassis certification, and follow the current year NHRA Rulebook.



  1. Motorcycle and Snowmobile must have a number plate and Dial-In plate, on the Left side. Each must be at least 6” x 12” and be located on the left hand side where it can be clearly seen by tower personnel.


  1. All NHRA Numbers and Track Designations must be neatly and clearly displayed on the Left hand side. Example:  1111 MG, 1031 LV, etc.   Remember the tower at Lebanon Valley Dragway is on the LEFT hand side of the track.  NO SHOE POLISH PLEASE!!!!


DEEP STAGING.  If you are going to deep stage, it may not be visible on the vehicle.  All DEEP (lettering) on windows must be removed (not permitted to be covered).   The tree will be on autostart, no provision will be made by the starter if a racer is deep.  No disqualification for going deep.


  1. Track Operators are responsible for policing their team’s pit vehicles for improper use and NO MOTORIZED PIT VEHICLES are allowed 1 hour after the last car goes down the track. We ask that all participants curtail noisy activities at MIDNIGHT.  No joy riding, race business only.  All riders must be licensed and of legal driving age.  All Vehicles MUST display NHRA Pit Vehicle Sticker.


  1. LED bulbs will be used in the Starting Line Tree. There will be a blinder covering the 1st, 2nd and 3rd amber and green lights.


For Super ET the Crosstalk system will be used.  Autostart time out will be set for 10 seconds.


Tree settings for Super Pro and Bike – .7 – .9 – 10 second time out

Tree settings for Pro – Street – HS –   1.0 – 1.7 – 10 second time out

Blue light will not be activated

Tree will be autostart


  1. SUPER Eliminator (7.00 – 11.99) will be allowed the use of electronics per the current year NHRA Rulebook.


  1. Pro Eliminator (9.00-17.99) will be a NO-electronics class.  Electronic ignition and single-stage (high side) rev-limiter will be accepted.  Non-drive wheel line-locs will be accepted but wiring must be direct and traceable.  Nitrous, must be activated by driver switch or wide open throttle switch, single stage only, no timers.  Electronics expressly forbidden, but not limited to: data recorders, transbrakes, electric/automated shifters other than factory, two-steps, electronic throttle stops, and delay devices.  Reverse Trans solenoid may only be operated by a switch affixed to the shifter, such as a back-up light switch.


Pro – Full Bodied Car – Off center roadsters permitted with steering in stock location – No Altereds – No Dragsters.


  1. STREET Eliminator (11.50-19.99) will be run the same as Pro. The car must be street appearing, full fenders, grill, hood, working headlights, DOT tires and functioning mufflers. – NO SLICKS


  1. MOTORCYCLE & SNOWMOBILE Eliminator (7.50-15.99) No delay devices will be allowed. Other electronic items acceptable per the current year NHRA Rulebook.


  1. All rounds will be random pairing. All vehicles will be called by odd or even last numerical digit of your car/license number.  If you arrive after your number group has been run, you will be considered late and forfeit the round.  BYE run will go to the best reaction time of the previous round.  BYE run does not carry over if not used.  Each car can earn only one bye run.  In case of tie, first run best reaction time will determine bye.  If there is a first round bye it will go to the Race of Champions winner.   Team members will not run each other until nothing else is possible.  All earned bye runs will be given even if it causes team members to run each other.


  1. Report to announced lanes. Lane choice for Time Trial and Round One, (1), will be based upon which staging lane you chose.  For the LEFT lane of the racetrack pull into an ODD numbered lane.  For the RIGHT lane of the RACETRACK pull into an EVEN-numbered lane.  The first in each lane or the first lane called for the class will get lane choice and the other car takes the other lane.  When the pairing for each eliminator reaches eight cars or less, the lane choice will be decided by coin toss.





  1. Dials must be clearly marked on the left side of windshield, Left-side window and left side of rear window. All dials must be on window when vehicle crosses white line at front of staging lanes.  Bike and Sleds see number 12 previous.  NO changes permitted after vehicle completely crosses this line.  The driver must check both his dial-in and his opponent’s dial-in as posted on the scoreboard BEFORE pre-staging.  If dial-in is wrong, DO NOT PRE-STAGE.  Starter will correct dial-in.  It is your responsibility to check the scoreboards before the run.  No Reruns for a dial in error.


  1. The Team Captain will handle any problems for you. DO NOT go to the tower or to the Starter, go to your Team Captain.


  1. Burnout on concrete pads only. NO power burnouts over the starting line.  Cars without front brakes may COAST across starting line.  Burnout in pits and/or staging lanes are grounds for disqualification.


  1. Only authorized persons are permitted beyond Restricted Area Signs. Open cars with tow vehicles may have a crewmember back them up from burnout.  Tow vehicle occupants must remain seated INSIDE.  Tow vehicles permitted only for Super Pro cars without radiators.  Tow vehicles will go down the return road to the left side of the track.


  1. A racer may drive two vehicles, each vehicle must be in a different eliminator and both vehicles must be on the same team roster. Racers may not share a vehicle, each driver must have their own vehicle.  Racer must have participated at 3 ET Point Series races at track he or she is representing.  Cars may be substituted PRIOR to arrival only, and only if driven by the same driver listed on the Team Roster.  One emergency roster change per team permitted by the Wednesday before the event.  NO DRIVER SUBSTITUTIONS!!!!


  1. All Winners and Runner-ups will be inspected for electronics at any time during or after the event. The right is reserved to check race vehicles at any time for rules infractions.  Any racer disqualified will have their points removed from the Team Standings and be brought before the Steering Committee for further disciplinary action.


  1. Contingency decals are important! Decals must be on car prior to first round and throughout eliminations.


  1. There shall be NO DQ for the failure of the working tail light.


  1. Roster alternate program for a short team. Alternates to a short team will be filled from larger teams on a team standings based system.  First team in the previous year’s points will send first alternate, etc. until the short team is filled.  Each alternate will be responsible to pay his/her way into the event.  Alternates will run each other for the First and Second round of Eliminations at the beginning of their respective class.  If alternate misses their scheduled session, they will forfeit that session, even if it is in eliminations.  Contact the Division office for more details.


  1. The possession of – or use of – fireworks is prohibited. Offending person will be ejected and if a driver – Race entry will be disqualified.


  1. Excessive braking at the finish line WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. Determination will be made by official starter or Race Control official. Examples of excessive braking – (Not limited to): Smoke off tires in vicinity of finish line, loss of control in vicinity of finish line, etc.


  1. Participant conduct, even by a crew member, may result in Team Points forfeit and/or Participant Disqualification – See 1.3 in the current year NHRA Rulebook.


  1. All 9.99 and faster vehicles must have an acceptable Oil Retention Device when racing at a Summit ET Points Event at the NHRA Member Track and at the annual Northeast Division Summit ET Finals.


  1. Consolation Race – For all first round losers –If conditions allow — Additional entry fee & purse will be announced. Eliminations will begin after 2nd Round of the main Event. There will be no time runs for the consolation race.  Entrants must be the driver of the vehicle on the track roster, no substitutes.  No points for Team Championship for Consolation race.  Random Pairing to completion, bye will be determined by first best reaction time of previous round.  Round 1 bye will be random draw.