Maple Grove Raceway

Racer Meeting Recap

Mohnton, Pa – Maple Grove Raceway hosted the annual racer’s meeting on February 1st. Below you can find the topics discussed and any changes to this year’s track rules or regulations.


Pro will be changed to 8.50 and there will be a Dial in Lane for Friday night Test N Tune.  The Gamblers Race will be on the nights that King of Street are not here.


The Money Trail sign-up starts online at regular price until 11 A.M. on April 18th. Starting at 11:01 A.M. on April 18th the price will increase $10 in each category, now a total of $60.


Incentives this year include Savage 61, Be a Member Be a Winner, Perfect Attendance and TP Trailers.


Chassis Certs will be on April 11th and ETI can be done at any Test N Tune.


Payouts will still be guaranteed but Race Fees will be increased. Super and Pro are $60, Sportsman is $40, Bike is $45, Jr. Dragster is $40 with one crewmember, Jr. Street is $30, Pro Dial is $50, Trophy is $25, time and license is $60, and crew is $15. Two drivers can drive one car and one driver can double enter but NOT in the same class. There must be a tech card for each driver and class.


There will only be one time trial permitted if there are more than 300 cars or weather issues. Time trials will be starting at 8:30 A.M. so cars may start up at 8:15 A.M. Eliminations begin immediately following the time trials.


There will be no bonus points or dropping of races and points will remain the same on how we calculate.


Races will not be held up for someone who is not at the track! When your class is called please report to the lanes as soon as possible. With large car counts we need everyone’s cooperation to keep events moving!


Wristbands must be worn and received at tech for all racers and crew in order to be on the starting line. This is strictly for your safety!! If tech is closed, we will accommodate you another way.


Beer is prohibited in the staging lanes or at the starting line. NO GLASS BOTTLES! Drinking is allowed in the grandstands.


Bracket finals is September 11th – 13th, 2020. Roster is due by August 31st, 2020. You must sign up in the base of the tower for top 15.


Storage fee will remain at $30 this year!


Safety equipment must be kept on until you are safely off the track. The shutdown area is considered the track! You will be given one warning and the second time you will be asked to park your car for the day. This means if you are in two classes you will only get one warning!


The left side of the car needs numbers to be legible! Four inches so that the third floor of the tower can read them. DEEP must be written on all four sides of the car and written LARGE and LEGIBLE so the starters can read it.


Run order will be as followed; Pro, Super, Bike, JR Drag, Jr. Street, Sportsman, Trophy, Pro Dial, T/L then Jr. Dragster and Jr. Street for the second round.


This is a reminder for cars being teched to check all equipment and car to be allowed to race! If the belts and helmets are out dated you may not be allowed to go down the track. Also if your helmet is out dated we will hold it until the end of the race and you may pick it up in the base of the tower.


When the last pair of racers hits the end of the track at the end of the night or weekend, there will be a one-hour pack up time. At the end of this hour we will close the gates!


Remember to print legible on tech cards and put nicknames AFTER your full name. Checks will be printed with nicknames if that is all the information we receive.