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2021 NHRA Nationals Update


We are aware that the 2021 season schedule for the NHRA Nationals has been announced. For those that haven’t heard the NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove will be held September 10th – 12th in 2021. Although, there are a few things on our end that need to be worked on before we begin selling tickets for the 2021 National event. As of now, we are working hard to get our ticketing system updated and ready to go for the 2021 event. Bare with us for a little longer and we will announce via email, social media, and here on our website when tickets become available. There will be a letter sent out with a ticketing schedule, just like every other year. There will be “Save your Seat” first and then later in the year tickets will go on sale for the general public.


The 2020 season was definitely an unconventional one. We originally planned to hold the event in 2020 with seats being spaced six (6) feet apart for COVID-19 distancing. This caused all of our seating to move around from the usual. That being said, we are reverting back to the 2019 seating chart. We understand this may be inconvenient for some fans and we apologize. This was the best decision we could make to keep things fair and get back to normal. What this means is, if you had reserved seats in 2019 you will be able to get the same seats for 2021. If you did NOT purchase reserved seats in 2019, you will need to wait until tickets go on sale for the general public to purchase your tickets.


With all the other challenges during the 2020 season we also dealt with refunds and credits for the 2020 event. It is very important to note that if you transferred the ‘credit’ of your 2020 tickets toward next year you still need to purchase tickets for the 2021 event. This ‘credit’ is just money, not your seats. The money is in your profile on our ticketing website, but you still need to order the tickets online or call us to order.


The cut-off for requesting refunds on the 2020 event was September 11th, 2020. If you did not contact us for a refund before September 11th, then your ticket value was credited toward the 2021 event.


We are hoping to get tickets on sale soon for 2021. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for sticking with us during all these confusing changes! We’re looking forward to seeing you next year.

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