Maple Grove Raceway Updates Construction Project

Maple Grove Raceway Vice President and General Manager Lex Dudas today updated the new track surface project, designed to improve racing at MGR.


“Due to the extremely cold early spring we just experienced, the project was delayed a few weeks as we needed above freezing temperatures 24 hours a day in order to pour the concrete. Once the weather turned warmer, our crews were able to pour the concrete in a timely and efficient fashion, allowing us to make up some of the lost time,” Dudas stated.


The pouring of concrete was completed last week, thus giving the concrete time to cure. On Monday, April 27th, paving will begin to fill in around the concrete as well as other patchwork at the facility.


Monday, May 4th will mark three weeks of curing time, thus allowing milling of the concrete to begin, followed by the polishing. This procedure should take 2 to 3 days to complete.


The Maple Grove Raceway schedule for the start of the season is now as follows:


  • May 2nd Test ‘n’ Tune has been cancelled.
  • May 3rd UTI High School Challenge will be run as a 1/8 mile event.
  • Fast Friday on May 8th will be run.
  • ATI Racer Appreciation Day and Money Trail 1 will be run May 9th.
  • Track closed May 10th for Mother’s Day.

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