Maple Grove Raceway Hosts Annual Money Trail Racer Meeting

Sunday March 6th kicked off the 2016 Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail season with the annual Racer Meeting being held at the Crown Plaza
Over 130 racers and officials attended the meeting which was broken down into three segments Segment one focused in on Super, Pro, Street and Top Bike contestants, Segment two focused on the junior dragster class and the new junior street class.  Segment three featured the Index classes for 8.5, 10.0, 11.5 and Pro Dial.
General Manager Lex Dudas summarized the day, “Today’s meeting was one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of! The group all have the same goal in mind, which is growing our weekly numbers by increasing the number of racers attending our events.”
Director of Racing Operations, Jason Leber added; “We received some very valuable and positive ideas of how we can achieve our goal of giving our racers a great place to race and to be proud of being a part of Maple Grove Raceway’s family of racers!”
A number of key ideas for change were brought up and the points will be outlined in a racer survey and ballot which will be emailed to all 2015 Money Trail members this week.
The key issues that came out of the meeting for a final vote are:
Round 1 buybacks or a complete separate consolation race will be on the ballot.  Buybacks would carry an entry fee as follows, Super $60, Pro $40, Street $30, Top Bike $25.  Buyback entries would face off prior to round 2 of the main event with the winners progressing.
Consolation race would be $50 entry with $25 going to the purse and MGR retaining $25.  If the majority votes for a consolation race, there will be two more questions asked All entries run one eliminator or run super separate until only 2 are remaining and they would be merged with the other consolation entries that are remaining.
Another suggestion that will be added to the survey was to eliminate round 3 money and putting the proceeds into the winner and runner up share of the purse.  Round money would start round 4 and pay Super $120, Pro $80, Street $60.  Top Bike’s does not involve round money and no changes would apply.
Junior Dragster and Junior Street racers and parents also offered some great input for their program.  The Junior Street racers will be included in the Money Trail points program and points will be awarded in the same Jr.-logo-new-400manner as Junior Dragsters. Maple Grove Raceway will look into adding a junior dragster index class when the index series competes during the season.  Cash Days were discussed and will be offered at the UTI High School Challenge set for April 24.  A Top Dog challenge will be offered at the Junior Dragster Challenge set for June 6.  Awards will be offered for each of the age classes and all class winners will come back for a Top Dog run off with a cash payout to the winner and runner up.
NHRA-JrStreet Junior Street drivers seeking their license can license during the Auto Locator Grudge Series from 4PM until 6PM.  Drivers must call the office to reserve a spot for licensing,
ne-index-at-the-groveThe index portion of the day was very productive.  Maple Grove will offer a points program for 2016.  Racers wishing to sign up for points will pay $50 for 10.0, 11.5, 12.5 and Pro Dial.  8.5 will be pay $100.  All membership fees will be put directly into the point’s fund.  Maple Grove Raceway will actively pursue sponsors to bolster the year end points fund.  The top index racers will be part of the Awards Banquet and receive a beautiful S&W Race cars championship trophy and jacket.  The group voted to initiate a new 12.5 index class to draw more participation at the events.  The new class will also be included in the year end points program as well. The Last Man Standing program will again return in 2016 and new for 2016 will be the addition of low qualifier awards in all 4 categories.

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