EVENT UPDATE: Friday, October 18th CANCELLED


Due to unstable weather conditions for the drag racing industry here at Maple Grove Raceway on Friday, October 18th. We have cancelled Fast Friday Grudge Night for tomorrow.
This post is not here for discussions about our decision. We simply are giving enough notice so racers can either retract their vacation day or plan a trip to another facility to race. We are well aware (just like last Friday) that the track would not hold for an entire night with the current weather conditions. And instead of wasting people’s time and money by potentially only being able to have one pass, we want to give racers the opportunity to venture to another race track for a full night of racing.
It was eye opening to see the backlash Maple Grove Raceway received last Friday for the decision management made. 
We take the safety of our racers, workers and spectators very seriously. While we love to race and provide a facility to race , there is no race more important than someone’s life. That is just our opinion here at Maple Grove Raceway. Every facility is different in their decision making and management styles, which is perfectly fine. Also, why we do not take offensive when people say they are going to race at another facility. 
What many fail to understand is that owning and operating a drag strip is not an easy task. If it was, there would not be as many facilities shutting down. People should just be grateful that we remain a racetrack. So we closed for weather conditions three times this year, but we do operate many other times during a season. Three days without going racing over the course of a few months, should not mean that people must resort to street racing.
So before you write a comment, stop and take a minute to try and open your mind to understand why that decision was made. Not only at Maple Grove Raceway, but the many other local tracks. And we can assure you that for us the decision was not made because of the following:
  • Maple Grove Raceway does not have enough staff to run the event,
  • We did not want to prep the track,
  • Our management team is uneducated about running a facility.
In conclusion, Maple Grove Raceway is CANCELLED for Friday, October 18th. We truly appreciate everyone who made the trip out this year to Maple Grove Raceway. We thank you! We have two more events this year and hopefully we get to see you. Otherwise, we wish you the best for the remainder of 2019 and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2020.
Maple Grove Raceway Management Team