ET Golfcart Shootout Finalist Announced to Race at Dodge NHRA Nationals

Mother Nature had different plans for Maple Grove Raceway and its racers today for the tenth race in the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series. Going into the day looking at the radar a call was made to run one round of time trials and then proceed straight into eliminations. After drying the track and getting some cars down, the weather took a turn, not in our favor. So a decision was called to cancel the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series race today. The four finalists who were originally scheduled to run for the King of the Track title will be rescheduled to Saturday, October 13th. We ask that all four of those racers return to race off to see who will be crowned the 2018 Maple Grove Raceway King of the Track.
Going into this event, the eligible class winners, runner-ups and semi-finalists were supposed to be added to the already determined entrants into the ET Golfcart Shootout drawing. However, with the weather, the names were chosen by not including today’s event. This is something that can not be rescheduled due to the Dodge NHRA Nationals being next weekend. So below are the finalists who will participate at the Dodge NHRA Nationals to win the Golfcart.
Super Pro:
Brock Moshier
Eric Reiff
Ted Richie
Don Mattson
Dave Sciarretta
Paul Werner
John Sieverling
Butch Weinreich
Adam Werner
Thomas Harhart
Dave Raser
Buck Markiewicz
Top Bike:
Jeff Santin
Jake Carpenter
Kevin Twardowski
Austin Youndt