Maple Grove Raceway

Stockers Rule! More Wheels Up Action From Maple Grove Raceway This FallDec 12, 2016Brian Lohnes1320 Drag News, 1320 Videos, BangShift 13202(Photos by Joe Grippo) – We’re back with more Joe Grippo photo goodness from Maple Grove Raceway. These photos were taken during the NHRA Dutch Classic and unlike the super stock cars we saw a couple of days ago, these stock eliminator jobs all wear the mandatory 9-inch wide tire on their rear axles. Between the tire and the naturally tighter rule book that stock has over super stock the cars are very different animals. From the machines down at the end of the alphabet like Q-stock Chevy trucks and W-stock Comets to the mighty FS/XX supercharged late model monsters that are knocking on the doors of the 7s, the category really has something for every gearhead to revel in at the drags.As huge as small tire racing is across the country these days, it is not unfair to call stockers the original small tire drag cars. People relate to these cars in the same way they relate to the turbocharged, nitrous, and blown outlaw style cars they see around the country because they look like they should and do all the things people like, including wheelies which this gallery is full of.Check out all of Joe’s photos below!Click the link below to expand them and then scroll to see ’em all –

Source: Maple Grove Raceway

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