Adjustments to the Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series: Effective Immediately

Dear Sunoco Race Fuels ET Series Racers,
I think we all agree… We must finish races! No one comes to the track to split.
I just finished reading the MGR FB comments and 99% of them are constructive. Thank you!
One year ago, on this same weekend we had 174 cars. Yesterday we finished with 418, an increase of 244 cars – 44 above our weekly car count average of 200 in 2017. Incredible!
With increased car counts come prosperity, and problems. Problems that require our attention! The solutions are easily identifiable but not so easily implemented. Decisions must be based on hard data and an understanding of cause and effect.
Solutions range from:
1.Moving up start times
2.Eliminating multiple drivers sharing the same car
3.Eliminating the same car from entering multiple classes
4.Restricting class size
5.Reducing time trials from two to one
6.Attempting to eliminate the curfew
7.Attempt to muffle all cars racing at Maple Grove
You get the idea.
Despite challenges, we’ve remained true to our word in delivering what we promised. Rules and procedures cannot randomly change weekly. The time for addressing this is in November, not August. However, in the interim I think we can make some subtle changes that should minimally impact our delicate ecosystem.
Effective Sunday, August 26th we will make the following changes:
1.Sunoco ET Series start times for remaining races will be 9:00 am, with two (2) scheduled time trials.
2.A threat of weather will reduce time trials from two (2) to one (1).
Normally car counts decline in August, so I feel confident the additional hour should ensure success.
With respect to our Sunoco Race Fuels ET Golf cart Shootout at the Dodge NHRA Nationals, the September 8th race will be your last chance to qualify.
Regarding the NHRA King of The Track.
1.The only drivers eligible are those who were in attendance this past Saturday. Thus, moving “King Of The Track” to another Sunoco ET Series Race (this year) is not an option.
2.We cannot possibly reassemble 16 Super Pro Drivers, 8 Pro Drivers, 9 Street Drivers and our Super Bike Winner to complete the race.
3.Given the above two constraints we’re left with limited options. So, here’s what we’re going to do. We will host a FB Live event (Thursday, August 30th at 6:00pm EST) and draw tech cards “out of a hat” in Super Pro, Pro and Street down to 1 in each. Each winner drawn, along with the Top Bike winner will be invited back to Maple Grove on September 8th to complete and crown the NHRA King Of The Track!
In closing, I want to thank each of you for your support of Maple Grove Raceway! I also want to thank our hardworking team members!
Thank you for your friendship and support!