A Thank You from the Voice of Maple Grove


To my friends at Maple Grove,

It is Sunday night, Sept 8 & I am writing this having had a full day to think about the incredible surprise you had for me on Saturday, Sept. 7. All this time & I still don’t know what to say.

For sure, the money gift was a huge blessing as my wife & I are going to the shore next week, so thanks for the delicious seafood!

More important than the cash was the genuine care and appreciation I felt from all of you. I have just completed my Racers for Christ Chaplain training last week & I found myself doubting. Can I do this? what if I can’t do this? With the support of my wife, the other Chaplains, my church & my friends at Maple Grove, the Lord is telling me I CAN do this. Maple Grove racers & staff are all very special to me.

Looking forward to Money Trail 2020. Thank You all again.

Love, & still your track announcer,

Roger Leister