A Message from the Assistant General Manager: Betsy Witmer

Happy New Year Everyone!!

The 2018 season was a real challenging year here at Maple Grove Raceway. Mother Nature did not cooperate with us however, we kept our chins up and moved forward. As many of you are already aware, we have had a few changes in personnel the last ten months. Now with that being said, certain things will be done differently from previous years. Change is not necessarily a bad thing either. I can assure you things will be dealt with in a timely manner, decisions will be thought out and a level of caring will be added to the season. All I ask in return is a level of trust and understanding so we as racing community can work together.

Now, you are probably wondering who this Betsy woman is or that you never saw her before. Well most likely you have seen me and just never knew. As a resident of Brecknock Township since the day I was born, Maple Grove Raceway was in my backyard growing up. Each summer I listened to the races and always knew I wanted to work at the track one day. Well there came a time when I needed to change up my life with a fresh start as I was in the process of getting a divorce. My younger sister suggested that I should contact Mrs. Lewis to see about any job openings at the track. She hired me and I worked for Mrs. Lewis part-time for the entire season that year. I absolutely fell in love with the job and environment. I loved waiting on the racers and fans coming through the gate each weekend. Now here I am, over twenty years later, married for the second time, living right down the road from the Raceway and still seeing the racers and fans come through the gates each weekend. I spent those twenty years learning every element I could of the ticketing department. I wanted to become more involved at the Track but I was still working a full-time job. Every vacation day I saved up at my full-time job was already being used so I could work major events during the year. Near the beginning of last year I was approached about any interest in accepting a full-time position on the management team at the Track. While I was more than excited to be offered a job at the place I listened to growing up, I was skeptical since I would be leaving my full-time job of 22 years. I slept on the idea, talked it over with my husband and remembered Maple Grove Raceway was where I had my fresh start over twenty years ago and I loved it. So maybe this was my fresh start for my career and looking back almost a year later, I can say it was a great decision. I absolutely love my job as Assistant General Manager at Maple Grove Raceway. Every day presents itself with a new challenge but I still get to do what I loved the most, which is interacting with the racers and fans. Only difference is now I get that chance every day, instead of just on the weekends.

Now that you know exactly who I am, let me introduce you to the rest of the office staff here at Maple Grove Raceway:

Sarah Gingrich, is the Director of Communications. She started out as an intern here while she attended Kutztown University for her Bachelors degree in Sports & Leisure Studies. She has been here for four years now and will remain on with us for the 2019 season. When she is not working, most likely you will spot her at another race track or finding some sort of adventure with her fiancé.

Ken Hall, is the Director of Sales and Marketing. He has worked at Maple Grove a few years ago track side during the week to help out. He was hired on full time in May 2018. In his free time, you can still find Ken at a racetrack around the world. He is the driver of the Top Secret Eastern Raider Pontiac Firebird Jet Funny Car.

Tricia Gockley, is the Race Director. She was promoted from running the computers at the top of the Tower during the 2018 season. Tricia will be going six years of working here at Maple Grove this year. However, she has been around Maple Grove since she was about five or six years old. Whenever she can find time to slip away Tricia is most likely either laying on a beach with her toes in the sand or spending time with her family.

Saying that the whole team has been hard at work this off-season is definitely an understatement! We have been getting the 2019 season in order. Creating a schedule, meeting with sponsors, planning events, booking talent, planning the banquet, creating promotional materials, the list just goes on and on…

With that being said I know there has been an influx of social media activity the past few weeks. Let me start off by saying I do not condone Facebook slandering by employees, ex-employees, fans or racers. I ask that if you have any questions or concerns that you reach out to me directly. Nothing ever gets solved unless the situation is dealt with head-on. So please reach out to me by calling the office at 610-856-9200, via email bwitmer@maplegroveraceway.com or simply in person at the office or the track. If by chance I am not available at that moment hang tight, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you come through the gate this year at Maple Grove Raceway!

Warm Regards,
Betsy Witmer
Maple Grove Raceway Assistant General Manager


P.S. Please find our 2019 Money Trail Program payouts and entry fees by clicking the Money Trail logo below.