A Great Loss to Maple Grove Raceway’s Founding

George Weiler was one of many Eastern Car Club Association members who agreed to approach Alfred Stauffer in 1961 with the idea that Stauffer should consider building a drag strip on his land at Maple Grove Park. It was Weiler himself who knocked on Mr. Stauffer’s door and presented the concept but that was only the start of George Weiler’s involvement with what would become Maple Grove Raceway. George befriended Mr. Stauffer and earned the trust of the Stauffer family including Stauffer sons Roy and John who took on the project with their excavation equipment. By August, 1962, initial paving allowed for 1/5 mile drag racing on a narrow 30’ strip of asphalt but George continued to advise the Stauffer family and by 1964 the track was lengthened and widened to its current profile for full quarter mile championship drag racing.


Weiler was nationally known as an engine builder and tuner winning the prestigious NHRA U.S. Nationals with many of his customers’ and his own dragsters. He joined the Dodge/Plymouth factory team in 1965 as tuner for Bud Faubel’s “Honker” Dodge and many other factory race cars using the Maple Grove strip as his testing facility. He built numerous cars including a Pro Stock Camaro in his Birdsboro race shop and competed well into the 1980s.


George Weiler seldom missed a major event at Maple Grove and attended every Awards Banquet through 2016 before health problems limited his travel.


Maple Grove Raceway has entertained motorsports enthusiasts from across the globe for the past 55 years but may not exist today without the initiative of George Weiler in 1961. The Stauffer Family is planning a permanent memorial to honor the lifetime contributions of George Weiler and expresses its condolences to George’s friends and family. We’ve all lost a great champion.


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  1. Steve LeSueur

    One of the best people I have known in fifty years of drag racing. He was very proud of his involvement in getting Maple Grove built. I will be miss George very much. He was a good friend to both me and my father.

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