2021 Top Challenge Series Schedule, Points, Results

Top Challenge includes Top Sportsman and Top Dragster. In order to earn points in the Top Challenge Program, a racer must sign up and be paid in full prior to the first round of eliminations at the race from which points accumulation begins. Points will be awarded to enrolled drivers only. Points belonging to the driver are non- transferable from one class to another. To earn points for a round, a racer must turn on the finish line win light. Money Trail Member applications can be found on the Maple Grove website. Racers entered in the Top Challenge Series must run the following decals: Money Trail, Top Challenge Series, Team Maple Grove and any other class specific decals.

2021 Round Results

Top Challenge #1 Round Results 5/22-5/23 Click Here (two races)

Top Challenge #2 Round Results 7/17-7/18 Click Here (one race)

Top Challenge #3 Round Results 8/28-8/29 Click Here (two races) 

Top Challenge #4 Round Results 9/17-9/19 Click Here (one race)

Please click here to view the 2020 points.

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