2017 Menards Chevy Show July 14-16

 • Menard’s Chevy Show will feature the 4 Jet cars for 2017. Car Wrap, Heat Wave, Speed Cult and Beast from the East heat up the Drag racing action

• Look for a great turnout of Top Sportsman & Top Dragster entries all hungry for the Chevy title in the“Chevy’s against the World” challenge..

• The Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws  will run Saturday and Sunday featuring “Chevy’s against the World” challenge.

• True Street will highlight Saturday’s schedule. Last year 40 cars participated in the run and race, look for more this year.


• Speaking of Goodie Bags, this year’s version is stuffed with good stuff. We prepare 900 bags and are issued to all car show entrants, drag race entrants and flea market entrants. To get the bags, take your credential to the Duracell tent. Come early as we could run out!


• Duracell Batteries Bracket 1 (electronics) racers, note the time breaks for B1 are 7.00 to 11.99. Carlyle Tools B2 (non-electronics) racers, note the time breaks are 9.00 to 19.99. DOT Eliminator requires DOT tires and mufflers, no electronics. Time breaks are 11.50 to 19.99.

• Carlyle Tools B2 racers, note we have raised the winner’s share up to $2,000.00. The excellent support we received last year prompted the increase in the popular non-electronics class. Thanks to all drag racers for their continued support of Menards Chevy. The Maple Grove car counts are the strongest on the entire Menards Chevy tour.

• Outlaw D.O.T returns giving “Street” cars quicker than 11.49 and utilizing a trans-brake a chance to compete.

Event Timeline

Gates Open / Ticket Sales/Racer Tech 10am – 5pm
No Flea Market entrants on Thursday
Track Secured: 5:00pm

FRIDAY, July 14
Gates Open / Ticket Sales (Participants & Spectators) 7am – 5pm
Registration (Race/Show/flea market) & Tech: 8am – 5pm
Time Trials – 2 runs: 9am – 5pm
Track Secured 7pm

Gates Open / Ticket Sales (Participants & Spectators): 7am – 5pm
Registration (Show): 7am – 2pm
Racer Registration / Tech: 8am – 1pm
Time Trials – 1 run: 8:30am
Car Show Series Judging Seminar: 10:00am
True Street Road Run: 1:30pm
Bracket Eliminations after 1 time run
Menards Chevy Feature Show 2pm & 4:30pm
Announcement to report to Car Show Central 3:30PM
Saturday Awards Ceremonies 4PM
Track Secured: 8pm

SUNDAY. July 16
Gates Open / Ticket Sales (Participants & Spectators): 8am – 4pm
Car Show Series Registration: 8am – 10:30am
Racers for Christ Services (non-denominational): 8:30am & 9:30am
Race Eliminations Continue: 9am
“Last Chance Race”, new entries 1 time trial 10A 11:30am
Menards Chevy Feature Show 1pm & 3pm
Announcement to report to Car Show Central 3:30PM
Awards Ceremonies 4PM
Track Secured: 6pm

Rain Policy: If one round of the Professional Exhibition Show is complete, the day’s event will be deemed complete. In the case of a rainout prior to the first round of the professional exhibition, tickets need to be mailed to Maple Grove Raceway for a voucher to their event the following season. A credit voucher will be issued according to the value remaining on the ticket.
• All Times subject to change due to local ordinances or weather. Rain or shine – no refunds!
• Bracket Race may be rescheduled for inclement weather.

Drag Racing

Feature Show

Car Wrap,Heat Wave, Speed Cult and Beast from the East Jet Cars

Chevy’s Against the World Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws

Sportsman Classes- utilizing TruSTART 

Bracket 1 (Super Pro)

$60 Car and Driver

7.00-11.99 Slicks & Electronics

Defer to host track rules

Bracket 2 (Pro)

$60 Car and Driver

9.00-19.99  No Electronics

Defer to host track rules


$60 Car and Driver

11.50-19.99 D.O.T. Street Tires & Mufflers required

No Electronics

Defer to host track rules

Outlaw D.O.T- No TruSTART

$60 car and driver

11.49 And quicker, D.O.T. Street Tires & Mufflers required

.500 Pro Tree Bracket Eliminator- No TruSTART

Trans Brake permitted, no delay boxes


True Street

$200 Overall Winner

$100 Runner Up

$100 each to 10.0; 11.0; 12.0; 13.0

If a racer purchases a TS tech card and doesn’t want to run ET, no additional fees are needed.

If a racer has an ET tech card, they must purchase a $20 true street card in the first floor of the NAPA Tower.

“Real Street Machines”; DOT Street Tires & Mufflers required

Last Chance Race

For competitors who lost 1st and 2nd round in B1, B2 & DOT

Cross Talk will not be active

Entrants still in competition in any class are not eligible for this eliminator

*All above classes must be Chevy bodied or Chevy powered!


Chevy’s VS the World race classes

Top Sportsman & Top Dragster

$150 Car and Driver + 1crew

Top Sportsman (6.00-7.99) & Top Dragster (6.00-7.70) entries must meet requirements and specifications as outlined in the 2017 NHRA rulebook

Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws

$40 Car and Driver

MASO membership required, can sign up the day of event at MASO tent. $50 membership fee.

MASO provides purse.

1/8th mi

Classes: Extreme Outlaw(heads up), DOT Street(heads up), Pro Nostalgia Outlaw(bracket), 5.90 Index and 6.40 Index





 Ticket Prices

Spectator Admission:

Friday Only                          $10
Saturday Only                      $23
Sunday Only                        $23
Adult Full Event                   $35
Teen (13-15) 1 day                 $10
Teen (13-15) Full Event         $15

*Children 12 & under: free accompanied by paying adult


Car Show Fees: (All entries Chevy bodied or Chevy powered)

Car Show: (Judged)

  • $45 Friday thru Sunday 

  • TV Segment and  Specialty  Awards Saturday

  • Class Awards Sunday
  • Includes Driver & 1 passenger

Car Show Crew, above one (1) in car- $23

Bowtie Boulevard (Not Judged)

  • $23-1 day

  • $35-2-day

  • Parked in Car Show Area

*Car Clubs Bowtie Boulevard– call 610-856-9200 for a discount on 10 or more club members participating at the same event in Bowtie Boulevard.


Racer Fees: (All entries Chevy bodied or Chevy powered)

E.T. Bracket Entry:                                 $60
True Street:                                            $20

  • Plus ET Bracket Entry at $60

“Last Chance Race”                               

  • 1st & 2nd Round losers $35 at NAPA Tower

  •  New Entries $60 payable at gate

  • Entrants still In competition are not eligible for this eliminator

Extra Vehicle Parking Pass                   $30

  • Plus event ticket at $35 Fri. & Sat.

Extra Pit RV Pass                                  $60

  • Plus event ticket at $35 Fri. & Sat

Additional Participants:

Swap Meet                        $45

  • No new items or apparel

  • 10′ X 20′ space

Car Corral                          $45

  • Sell your Chevy at the event

Sunday Bracket Payout Winner  R/U Semi 1/4 1/8
DriveDuracell.com Bracket 1 $3,000 $1,500 $500 $200 $100
Carlyle Tools Bracket 2 $2,000 $600 $200 $100 $75
D.O.T. $1000 $400 $125 $100 $75
Outlaw D.O.T $500 $250 $100 $50  
Last Chance $1200 $700 $200 $100  

 Top Sportsman and Top Dragster

based on 16+ entries

 $1500  $600  $300  $150  

Car Show Classes & Awards

Big Car

(Includes Impala, Biscayne & Caprice)

  • 1958-1964
  • 1965-1970
  • 1971-1990
  • 1991 & Newer


  • 1964-1967
  • 1968 & Newer

El Camino

  • All El Caminos


  • 1990- Current
  • Class includes all non-Chevrolet bodied vehicles with Chevrolet power & all Chevrolet bodied vehicles with non-Chevrolet power

Early Chevy

  • Pre 1935
  • 1936-1948
  • Chevrolet bodies & powered cars & trucks


  • All Chevrolets not included in a specific category- through current model year


  • 1967-1969
  • 1970-1981
  • 1982-1992
  • 1993-2002
  • 2010 & Newer


  • 1953-1962
  • 1963-1967
  • 1968-1982
  • 1984-1996
  • 1997-2004
  • 2005-2013
  • 2014 & Newer

Monte Carlo

  • Pre 1978
  • 1978 & Newer


  • 1955-1957


  • 1962-1967
  • 1968 & Newer

Pro Street

  • All Chevrolet vehicles with 75% of an original frame or altered original frame (including rear end narrowed), having a physically narrowed rear end and wheel tubs.

Pro Engineered

  • All Chevrolet vehicles, which have a complete tube chassis, from radiator to rear bumper (round or square). Must have a physically narrowed rear end and wheel tubs. All tube chassis drag cars and off road will compete in this class.

Pick Up Truck

  • 1949-1972 (Full Size 2WD/4WD)
  • 1973-1987 (Full Size 2WD/4WD)
  • 1988 & Newer (Full Size 2WD/4WD)
  • SUV- All Years/ Sizes (2WD/4WD)
  • MINI- All Years (2WD/4WD)

Young Star (under 25)


  • Cadillac- All Years
  • Oldsmobile- All Years
  • Pontiac- All Years
  • Buick- All Years


This class is for all vehicles specified below for a specific model year. This class will have its own special parking area. Class will be broken down as follows: Winner & Outstanding Stock Winner & Outstanding Modified Winner & Outstanding Show. For 2017, the 50th Anniversary of the Camaro will be recognized. 1967 only will have specially recognized parking area.
All others class awards stay the same. .

All extensively done Show Vehicles. Undercarriage will be examined to determine eligibility, and a final decision will be rendered by consensus of the Car Show Officials. The Supervisor decision is final and the entry would compete in the Gold Class. The registration procedure remains the same for all vehicles. All entries will register for their normally assigned class and the Judging Supervisor will make the registration change and provide the owner with a new classification card. Gold Class entrants will be reassigned a parking area and will be grouped together. Winners will be awarded in separate categories as appropriate, as well as appropriate “Best” awards. Each class has the possibility of having these classes within. Example being…. Camaro 1967 – 1969 could actually be 3 classes with 3 Winners and 3 Outstandings
Camaro 1967-1969 (Stock)
Camaro 1967-1969 (Modified) Camaro 1967-1969 (Show)

The Stock Class will include vehicles that appear to be factory or dealer stock. The interior must be original or a duplicate of the original in material, style, and/or color. Engine must be stock for the vehicle’s year and model. Numbers do NOT have to match. All vehicles that are dealer and factory conversions that are restored to stock (Yenko, SLP, etc) will still compete in the Stock Class provided they have been restored to original. Stock Class will also allow for no more than 3 BOLT ON changes from originally equipped (chrome valve covers, tube style headers, etc)

MODIFIED CLASS (old Street Class)
The Modified Class is for any vehicle with 4 or more bolt on changes from factory or originally equipped. Body may have bolt on spoilers, ground effects, fiberglass parts, etc. Paint may be any type that is from an OEM manufacturer. Paint such as candy, pearl, etc will be moved to the Show Class. Painted on pinstripes and/or taped pinstripes or decals/vinyl graphics will be allowed. Judging supervisor will classify custom work. Any molding of any type (firewall, inner fenders, etc) will move entry to Show Class. Interiors – minor changes are permissible such as bolt in seats with stock type interior, carpet in truck beds and/or wood inlays, etc. Full custom interiors will move entry to Show Class. The will be no limit as to the amount of bolt on items permitted.

SHOW CLASS (old Modified Class)
The following will automatically put a vehicle in to the Show Class: any heavy body modifications such as chopping, molding, sectioning, etc. Paint that contains painted graphics, candy, pearl, murals, etc. Engine relocation, smoothed engine block, multiple carbs, power adders (blowers, turbos, etc), fuel injection conversion on other era vehicle. Interiors: any full custom design interiors or have had significant changes to factory equipped (molded dash, custom seats, custom headliner, door panels, etc).
PLEASE NOTE: Show judges and/or management reserve the right to expand or combine classes as they deem necessary.

Saturday Awards

Saturday Specialty Awards
TV Segment Awards

Drive Duracell.com Crank it with Coppertop award

OPGI Award

Rockauto.com Award

LMC Truck Award

Moonshine Tea Award


Promoters Pick Award
Club Participation (Minimum 6 cars registered together as a club)

Outstanding Anniversary Vehicle

Outstanding Engineered

Outstanding Paint

Outstanding Interior

Outstanding Engine

Outstanding Stock

Outstanding Modified

Outstanding Show

Outstanding Workmanship

Top 10 Judges Choice

Top 10 Anniversary Class

Top 10 Promoter’s Choice

Top 5 Producer Picks

 Sunday Awards

Sunday Class Awards
Class Winner Plaque – 1 per class (Class winners also receive Winner’s Jacket)
Outstanding Class Awards – 1 per class

Anniversary Class

Best in each generation of Camaro


Sunday Awards

Promoter’s Award


Best in Class

Best Big Car

Best Camaro

Best Chevelle

Best Corvette

Best 55-56-57

Best Early Chevrolet

Best Conversion

Best Pro Street

Best Pro Engineered

Best El Camino

Best Nova

Best Monte Carlo

Best Open

Best Truck

Best GM (from 4 new classes)

Best Overall Anniversary Vehicle

Young Star

Award of Excellence (up to 6 awarded)


Gold Class

Outstanding Engine

Outstanding Interior

Outstanding Paint

Outstanding Workmanship

Best Stock

Best Modified

Top Award
Best of Show

Best of Show – Gold Class